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Storage Vessels
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BAXCOUNSEL are specialized in stage wise inspection and certification of LPG/Propane Bullets and Storage tanks, Mounded Vessels, Spheres, and Site fabricated & Erected Tanks. We have a track record of having carried out design/drawing appraisal, stage wise& final inspection and certification of these Tanks.

LPG Stationary Bullets :
We have stage wise inspected and certified number of LPG/Propane Bullets of 150MT, 100MT, etc. for M/s. HPCL, M/s. BPCL, M/s. IOCL for their various LPG Bottling Plants located all over India.

LPG Bullets Mounted on Railway Under-frames & Chassis :
LPG/Propane Storage Bullets and tanks mounted on chassis capacity ranging from 10MT to 150MT. We have also inspected about 400 nos. LPG bullets mounted on Railway under-frames for M/s.IOCL and M/s.HPCL. These equipment are designed for a low temperature.

Mounded Storage vessel :
BAXCOUNSEL are specialized in Inspection of Mounded Storage Vessels. The scope of inspection includes complete appraisal of Civil, Mechanical, Cathodic Protection design and drawing, Stage wise inspection during manufacturing and erection of these vessels in the discipline of Civil, Mechanical and Installation of Cathodic Protection System.

Mounded vessels under BAXCOUNSEL inspection :

2 Nos. 700MT Horizontal Mounded LPG Storage Pressure Vessels of dia 6000mm and Length approx.60mtr. at M/s.HPCL, Usar Site, near Alibag, Maharashtra.

2) 4 Nos. 350MT capacity of dia 4mtr x 66mtr Mounded LPG storage vessels erected at M/s.HPCL, Pampore, Srinagar.

3) 4 Nos. 1200MT capacity of dia 7.1mtr x 68.5mtr mounded bullets for Indian Oil Tanking Ltd.for their project M/s.CPCL's LPG Terminal, Manali,Chennai.

4) 3 Nos. 300MT of dia 5mtr x 37.5mtr LPG Mounded Storage vessel for M/s.HPCL, Indore LPG Plant.


LPG Spheres :
BAXCOUNSEL also have a track record of design/drawing appraisal, stagewise inspection and certification of Horton Spheres of 14M3 and 18M3 for various Refineries like M/s.IOCL and M/s.BPCL. We have successfully completed on schedule 3 Nos. horton spheres for M/s.IOCL for their LPG Bottling Plants at Malda and Guna & Erode.

Besides above BAXCOUNSEL are regularly carrying out stagewise inspection of LPG Bullets and Storage tanks of various capacities at many Fabrication workshop in Mumbai, Baroda, Chennai and Delhi areas for various client. The number of tanks inspected by BAXCOUNSEL ranges from 100 to 150 nos. every year.

Site Erected Storage Tanks :
BAXCOUNSEL have been inspecting site fabricated and erected tanks like Cone Roof Tanks, Floating Roof Tanks (single deck), Floating Roof Tanks(double deck) and Gas Holders from 1981.

Some of the assignments under BAXCOUNSEL inspection :
ONGC: Stagewise Inspection & Final certification of 2 Nos.capacity of Heavy Cut Storage Tanks at ONGC, Hazira Site. The scope of inspection involves stage wise inspection of civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation disciplines.

HPCL: The Tankages and Storage Tankss fabricated & erected in M/s.HPCL, Mahul Refinery for the past 15 years have been regularly inspected by BAXCOUNSEL. We are having annual rate contract with HPCL for the last 12 years.

The inspection work for New IFO/LSHS Tankage Project of HPCL, Mahul Refinery.( 25mtr dia x 20 mtr ht. - 4 Nos. ): The scope of inspection includes appraisal of design & drawing for civil & mechanical, Stage wise inspection during fabrication and erection of these tanks with the associated piping, electrical and instrumentation.

BPCL : We have inspected and certified number of Floating Roof Tanks (from 39 mtr dia to 48 mtr.), Cone Roof Tanks ( 34 mtr.)on behalf of BPCL, Mahul Refinery. The scope of inspection includes appraisal of mechanical design & drawing and stage wise inspection during fabrication and erection.

For Marketing Dept., BPCL, Cuffe Parade : complete stagewise inspection including drawing/design approval and certification of Floating Roof Tanks and LPG Tank Wagons was carried out by BAXCOUNSEL.

IPCL : We have inspected and certified Floating Roof Tanks (50mtr.dia) and other Site erected Storage Tanks for IPCL.

RPL, Jamnagar : We have provided Site Inspection Services for Storage Spheres as well as Floating Roof & Cone Roof Tanks. A Team of about 30 Inspection Engineers was working at Jamnagar site.

Chemplast Sanmar, Mettur : Stagewise inspection of Storage Tank of 45mtr dia x 14.5mtr ht at their Mettur Plant fabricated by Spic Jel.

HOCL : Inspection of Gas Holders for Hydrogen Gas during fabrication and erection at site.

QGPC, Qatar : We had also deputed a team of Engineers to carry out inspection and certification of floating roof Naphatha Storage tank for QGPC through our Doha Agents, M/s.Engineering Supplies Co.

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