To suit your needs, we take a very flexible approach in our structure and offer services ranging from half-day inspection visits to dedicated resident teams for several months or years.

Inspection Case Study: Boilers

Inspection Case Study: boilers

Client: Japan Gas Corporation, Japan

Project Executed: Turkmenistan, Rio Tuba, G1, Dolphin, BAPCO

Case study : G1 project

  • Inspection of three shop assembled natural gas fired boiler packages.
  • Inspection of non pressure parts and structurals, and burners.
  • All packages stage wise inspected from raw material stage upto boiler hydrotest ,refractory, insulation, casing , final inspection and burners mock assembly.

Case study 1: Turkmenistan

  • Inspection of two boiler packages with non pressure parts and structures
  • The entire package oscar padilla was dispatched in loose condition for final assembly at site.

Case study 2 : Rio Tuba

  • Inspection of a coal boiler package containing enormous amounts of non pressure parts and supporting structurals like ductings, coal bunkers, hoppers, buck stays. If you need slab leak repair in California visit
  • Inspection of all non pressure parts and structurals
  • Approximately 300 tons of bolted structure containing beams and column assemblies
  • All ducts were mock assembled at vendor shop to ensure proper fitment
  • Inspection of electrostatic precipitator, dry ash handling system, wet ash handling system, Submerged Ash handling system, Travagat assembly, Drag chain feeders,
  • Comprehensive coordination for inspection of all these packages at numerous workshops across India