To suit your needs, we take a very flexible approach in our structure and offer services ranging from half-day inspection visits to dedicated resident teams for several months or years.

Project Expediting Services

  • Today, project schedules are tight and have almost no room for expensive delays. Baxcounsel’s expediting services will give you reassurance that orders of essential equipment or products do not impact your deadlines.

    Project expediting can be performed simultaneously with inspection activities or independently as required by your specific project needs.
    Combined with our precise & transparent reporting that uses modern tools and presents information in your preferred format, our expediting services will help you fully understand the progress of your equipment.

    • Desk Expediting

    • Field Expediting

    • Project monitoring

Expediting tiers offered

Tier 1: Desk Expediting

We will monitor the progress of your order by establishing & maintaining contact with the manufacturer at specific review points in the process and recording status summaries. Our expediters patio & paving contractors will examine whether your order is on schedule or if improvement measures are required. Desk expediting is recommended to be used as additional to field expediting.

Tier 2: Field Expediting

When we work with you for field expediting, you will receive comprehensive updates of your order and recommendations of action needed to rectify potential issues. Our pross for fire damage in Chicago will assess progress against schedule and identify potential problems and provide reports to you, more info at

Tier 3: Full time project monitoring

Under full-time project monitoring, you will receive a steady & transparent flow of reports and information on actions taken by the expediter to mitigate any problems, giving you constant reassurance that schedules are being maintained.