To suit your needs, we take a very flexible approach in our structure and offer services ranging from half-day inspection visits to dedicated resident teams for several months or years.

Vendor Capability Assessment & Other Specialist Services

  • With vast experience across many sectors, we will support you to ensure your plant and equipment are safe and efficient.

    We can support you with inspection and testing elements across a complete schedule or just one aspect. At each stage, our project co-ordinators and inspectors will keep you informed of progress on your project, making you aware of the actions your business must take. We will help you ensure the system or equipment you select is suitable for how you plan to use it.

    If you wish to add a new supplier to your list of approved suppliers or if you are having problems with existing suppliers, we can carry out detailed assessments to give you critical inputs in vendor capabilities. The primary concern with any new contract is the choice of vendor, especially if they are located remotely in workshops in several countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, China, etc. Audits and assessments help you find one that can deliver on time and isn’t dependent on too many external factors.

We also have extensive experience in running vendor risk assessments, having built-up extensive knowledge by auditing & working with vendors in India since 1972, and UAE since 2005. Our knowledge and excellently engineered solutions can help to minimize risk, reduce uncertainty, & improve overall business performance across the supply chain.

Our broad project management and specialist services include:

  • Reviewing project requirements and specifications
  • Design appraisals
  • Scrutiny of drawings
  • Appraisal/approval of civil design & drawings related to site erected tanks, mounded vessels, structural for terminals & plants
  • Verification of design calculations for critical equipment
  • Vendor capability assessment
  • Developing guidelines for purchasing equipment, parts and products
  • Verifying materials
  • Providing traceability through the manufacturing process
  • Overseeing on-site installations and start-up of equipment/components
  • Creating project execution plans
  • Inspection of different types of painting projects, quality assurance and quality control
  • Reviewing of technical specifications, budgets, schedules and projections
  • Welding and material joining services, including inspection and supervision, training and qualification and development of procedures and specifications